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Big Egg… OUCH!

by #BKEgg 3 Comments


When our chickens have these BIG EGGS, like the one at the bottom of this picture, it really makes us wonder about the pain and possible issues!  When a woman goes thru child birth they sometimes have to do a C-section when the heads too big to pass.  Sadly, some chickens get something similar what’s called “Egg Bound” and that worries us at times. 

We found an interesting article about it over at a site named: “Keeping Chickens Newsletter“.  Here’s the direct link to the article over there and hopefully it can be of help to someone: “Egg Bound Chicken – Symptoms and Treatment“.

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Goat Cart

by #BKEgg 1 Comment

This is our silly little goat named Peanut Butter and he loves to ride in the cart.  He’ll jump in the cart when we’re moving the cart around to move things.  So, I have been letting him ride around just for fun now…LOL!  He loves it and we sure love this silly lil boy!