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It’s getting colder at night!

by #BKEgg 4 Comments

Weather Station Unit

I know…I know, “They’re chickens and really hardy birds!”

That being said, they are also spoiled pets aka part of the family!  It just bothers me greatly to see it get this cold inside their coop at night and it’s not even winter yet.  I hear so many things about heaters with some that will say, “it’s okay to use them on low settings to prevent too low of temps” while others say, “never ever use any type of a heater no matter what”.  I am thinking of going with the first of thoughts mentioned, as just can’t see them in temps below 20 degrees in their coop.

What are you thoughts?

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  1. Patti Elliott
  2. Tracy-Kellie Dodson
    We are on our 4th flock (new birds every 2 years) and we never heat. When make sure insulation is good with a bit of ventilation. Make sure bird are pushed close while on the roost. We have been in negative numbers in the coop and never lost a bird.
  3. Briggs & Kids Eggventure
    Very cool! I kinda figured y'all would have a good comment to show hardiness of the birds! I love to spoil mine and still contemplating the back up
  4. Tracy-Kellie Dodson
    If you decide to heat, it must be consistent. Up and down temps does more damage than good. I suggest you read, read, read before you act. I'm sure you are already doing that.

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