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More snow is coming!

by #BKEgg 3 Comments


Goldie is NOT thrilled about more snow coming our way!  We have already had over 3 inches at our house and wasn’t even expected ’til tomorrow…LOL!  One thing that is good… it is actually warmer in the coop with the snow on it.  The coop’s temperature is 49.3 degrees inside, but feels like 13 degrees with average windchill factor outside. I sure bet the chickens are happy that Daddy built a nice coop…LOL! 😛

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  1. Chris Briggs
    you have a heater in it?
  2. Patti Elliott
  3. Briggs & Kids Eggventure
    It has quite a bit of insulation and stays pretty warm. Most people don't even do that for their coops.

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